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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Day 9 of NaNo...

I am within breathing distance of halfway....

I decided to stop while the going was good, however.  I find it easier to leave at a point where I know how I want to continue.  If I stop when I run out of inspiration, who's to say I'll be any more inspired the next day?  So - I leave it at a point where I'm going to be happy for the next few hundred words at least.  Then the creative juices will have had a chance to get flowing and something will arrive for the next chapter. 

You can see my progress with my cool little Word Count Widget.  I'm trying to find other places I can stick it - I just so gosh darn proud of myself!  If I keep up at this rate, I'll have reached my goal by the 20th.  Yippee!

On a Hospital Corners note - I'm still editing away and have the first 18 chapters up for view on Authonomy (  I'm trying to edit a chapter a day, whilst still giving the inner perfectionist a day off every now and again.  I've spent the past hour writing out my Christmas card list, working out what supplies I have to work with (I make my own for family and friends)...and locating spare boxes of cards I must have bought in the January sales and forgotten about.  Shame I bought two more boxes today! 

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