My NaNoWriMo Word Count Widgets!

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

New ideas...

...are brimming.  New characters are starting to make themselves known inside my head...a new novel has started its process of moving from a vague idea and title, to solid people and solid situations.  It's rather exciting!

But first, I have to finish editing a manuscript for a fellow Authonomite (under 100 pages now!) and then edit/re-write bits of Hospital Corners and get it ready for submission.  I hope Angela, David, Ryan and Melissa can keep themselves busy at the back of my mind until I reach that point! 

Hospital Corners is slowly climbing up the ranks again, and sits at 207 this afternoon.  Mostly thanks to a couple of fabulous backers whose support means everything to me.  I'm not fussed about reaching the editor's desk (although, of course that would be wonderful!), but the fact these two people believe in my book means the world to me.  Thanks Richard and Bev.

Outside of writing and editing, my life has been ticking over quite nicely.  I'm over the horrible bug Big Toots passed on, and I've been doing my sessions at the gym with vim and vigour.  I've even broken out into spontaneous jogging on the treadmill, something I'd never have dreamed would ever happen!  Tomorrow is "dress shopping" day with the real Esme.  Not a wedding dress (definitely not!), but hopefully a size 12 kick-ass foxy dress to impress a certain lovely bloke.  Said lovely bloke gets home tomorrow, after 2 weeks offshore, and I can't wait for my promised "world's longest cuddle". 

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


...although I'm glad Big Toots is turning into such a caring, sharing wee girl, I'd rather she kept her germs to herself!  Day 4 of feeling under the weather...

I'd hoped to make great inroads into editing my friend's manuscript, but I'm not even a hundred pages in yet.  And Hospital Corners has gone back onto the backburner until that's out the way!  Sigh...

I had a very strange dream a couple of nights ago, that I'm half tempted to shape into something, although it's not my usual genre at all (reading or writing!).  A dystopian thriller/sci-fi that I think would work really well as a storyline in Torchwood....set either at the London 2012 Olympics, or a hundred years in the future.  If my brain wasn't stuffed with cotton wool, I'd be able to rough something out....but as it stands, I'll be spending the rest of today on the sofa, dozing along to a DVD and waiting for my nightly pick-me-up call from a certain someone.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The diet continues....

...and the gym sessions too!  So far this week I've done 2 circuit classes and gone hill-walking.  The view was fabulous but my ears nearly froze.

I've finished reading through the manuscript for my friend and have made a few suggestions to her on how I feel the pace could be tightened up.  I've loved the challenge and can't wait to see the revised draft. 

I'm about to print out the 2nd draft of Hospital Corners and make a start on the next edit.  I knew I wouldn't be able to stop myself from getting stuck in earlier than intended!  I've had some good reviews and suggestions, so now it's up to me to really get it whipped into shape.  I'll also be working on my synopsis and pitches (shudder!) and will hopefully be sending it out to agents in the Spring.  We'll see how that goes....

Right - time to load up the printer with fresh paper and ink while I prepare my Slimfast lunch....then it's the hairdressers and a quiet night in. 

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Squiggle-eyed New Year greetings..., I'm not hung-over from New Year partying, I'm editing a 300+ page manuscript and I need a break for 5 minutes.  I'm clearly out of practise - I could read reports and protocols all day long, once upon a time.  It'll come back to me, I'm sure.  And I'm loving it.

A fellow Authonomite has taken up my offer to review her MS and I'm loving the challenge.  It gives me something to fill my time whilst giving me a break from Hospital Corners for a few weeks.  That way, when I take another look at it, it'll be with fresher eyes (and ones attuned to editing).  My next edit of HC will involve splitting the book up by character and reading each one separately, making sure I capture a consistent voice and don't suddenly have them knowing something they shouldn't.  I'll be tigthening up the opening, with much thanks to another Authonomite for his clear and utterly brilliant advice.  It's nice when a published author and experienced editor tells you the right words are there, just not necessarily in the right order.  Well, after this editing for a friend, I'll be putting HC's words in order!

That's all for today.  Other than to say that the diet has started (slipped today as editing and chocolate go hand-in-hand - no thanks to my neighbour who dropped round a pile of unwanted Xmas chocolates!) and I had my first session back at the gym yesterday.  Back again tomorrow before lunch with a new friend.  And then picking up the Tootsie's from nursery and school and hoping they've got over the present-fuelled buzz of Xmas. 

Happy 2012 everyone.