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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I must be maaaaad.....

....because I'm setting myself the challenge of completing Agoraphobics Anonymous in the next 30 days! Obviously, a very rough first draft.

And why am I trying to write 1000 words a day? Because I want to start work on another book for NaNoWriMo, and spend November writing 2000 words a day! Like I said....I must be maaaaad!

Originally (heck, not even 24 hours ago), I was going to use NaNoWriMo to complete Ag Anon. I was going to be an official NaNo Rebel - working on a book already in existence. And then I got thinking and completely reversed my opinion.

The new book? Moving Meditation - something like five or six POV characters attending a tai chi class for various reasons of their own. Now, that might sound a little like last year's NaNovel - Tai Chi Choos. Well, yes and no. I haven't looked at last year's NaNovel since I wrote it, as I become increasingly aware that I was hating the whole chick-lit genre.

Now, I'm taking the MC and including her story as only one of the POV characters - and she'll likely be a stronger, tougher, edgier character than the floppy, whimsical, sappy girl I originally created. Maybe - I'll just have to wait and see how she writes herself.

Yes - I'm pantsing it.....writing by the seat of my pants with minimal outline, plot or even an idea as to who is who, why and when. I hated the story last year because I wrote to a strict outline and killed off any chances of spontaneity. I've written Ag Anon btsomp, and it appears to be working. I can only keep my fingers crossed that Moving Meditation will work just as well.

Right.....another 300 words to write today, at the very least, so I'd best get cracking!

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  1. You may be mad, but it sounds exciting! Good luck!