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Friday, 1 March 2013

An update...

...on Hospital Corners. No, it's not that exciting, but it's still a tiny positive step.

A long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away), I submitted HC to a new publishing company called Bookkus. Their approach is to employ a host of volunteer readers to review manuscripts and rate them. Enough reviews, enough stars, and the book moves onto the next stage.

Hospital Corners has made it onto the second stage, although I haven't the faintest idea about what happens next. I'm assuming the guy who runs the site will ask people to read the full manuscript and pass judgement, but there are a lot of books getting reviewed from all sorts of genres. If I simply wait for the appropriate number of positive responses, I might be waiting a long time, simply because lovers of Women's Fiction don't stumble on the site.

So this is a plea...if you like my work and would like to see it in print, please consider visiting and signing up as a reader. You can then read and review as many of the books as you like (please don't just look at mine; there are a lot of us struggling wannabe-authors out there!).

Pleading over, time to get back to rewriting Agoraphobics Anonymous. I'm onto Chapter 21 out of 69 now.

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