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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Harry Potter and Good Grammar

I took a wee jaunt up to Aberdeen today to watch the final Harry Potter film.  As a huge fan of the books, there were a few moments where I thought "that's not how it happened!", but it was immensely enjoyable nonetheless. 

While waiting for the film to start, and since arriving back home, I've been finishing the "how not to write" grammer guide I mentioned yesterday.  Some pretty good tips, and I now know the difference between a verb and adverb, active and passive voices, and that it's OK to put a comma before the word and.  And it's OK to start a sentence with and, but and because too.  I also, technically, know where apostrophes are supposed to go....but that's still a bit of a dodgy one.

I've not written anything new today but I'll plump out Chapter 8 tonight.  That is, I'll plump out the storyline whilst paring down the superflous words.  Apparently I should be aiming for an average of 18 words a sentence....ooops.

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