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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A new pitch...

This morning I took my girls to the library for story-time and their summer holiday challenges.  Unfortunately, it seems like my eldest is struggling to read for long periods and I suspect she might need glasses.  Not really a surprise, given the family history.  Still - I hope they will help her.

This afternoon has been a productive one.  I've completely revised Chapter 6 of Hospital Corners.  It's now written from a narrator's POV (like the prologue and Chapter 3).  People have commented they like the tone of the Prologue so I'm trying to incorporate it into the book a bit more.  It also means I can add in little comments and asides that my characters would never dare to think....:-)

I've also entered a competition through to win a critique of the first 20000 words.  It meant re-writing my pitch (again) after a bit of research into how the pro's do it.  So here it is.  Not quite so mysterious, whilst still not completely giving the game away. 

Who is Miss Esme Smith?  That's the question Dr Rosanna Blake really wants answered before the end of a very long shift...

Lovingdell General Hospital is a typical hospital on a typical Friday night.  A&E are playing host to drunk students, car crash victims and an elderly woman who calls herself Miss Esme Smith.  Her case appears straightforward - she's cut herself while peeling potatoes - but Dr Rosanna Blake is concerned.

When she finds a pile of diaries in Esme's handbag, Dr Blake pushes her scruples to one side and reads them.  The story they tell is a disturbing one, leaving Dr Blake a changed woman.  Esme is a woman with a troubled past and an uncertain future.

Hospital Corners tells the story of one woman's fight with mental ill-health through the eyes of different characters in her past.

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