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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Things are going well... my little corner of Angus.  OK, so lovely fella went offshore yesterday (not the best Valentine's present - but he made up for it with a gorgeous necklace), and the diet is taking a bit of a beating, but I'm feeling rather happy with life.

I'm now up to 179 in the Authonomy chart, with 25 backers and a heap of positive feedback.  I'm about halfway through reading the book again, re-writing sections to tighten POV.  Possibly I'm not doing it properly, because I'm not finding huge amounts to re-write!  I'm quite enjoying spending prolonged periods with each of my characters.  Today has been the turn of Dr B; watching her journey from unapproachable, distant, snappy and stand-offish (OK, so most of those words mean the same thing, but I like to spread myself when not writing for a market) to human, fragile and terrified of her new life without boundaries, has been quite something.  It's Julie's turn next, which is where I think more re-writing will happen, as with Alex's chapters.  It's the "normal" people I have trouble with!

Next job will be pitches (again!) and synopsis, and research will start this afternoon into the murky pond of "the query letter".  My aim is to send Hospital Corners to someone, be it agent or publisher, by the end of March.  Wish me luck!

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