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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

New ideas...

...are brimming.  New characters are starting to make themselves known inside my head...a new novel has started its process of moving from a vague idea and title, to solid people and solid situations.  It's rather exciting!

But first, I have to finish editing a manuscript for a fellow Authonomite (under 100 pages now!) and then edit/re-write bits of Hospital Corners and get it ready for submission.  I hope Angela, David, Ryan and Melissa can keep themselves busy at the back of my mind until I reach that point! 

Hospital Corners is slowly climbing up the ranks again, and sits at 207 this afternoon.  Mostly thanks to a couple of fabulous backers whose support means everything to me.  I'm not fussed about reaching the editor's desk (although, of course that would be wonderful!), but the fact these two people believe in my book means the world to me.  Thanks Richard and Bev.

Outside of writing and editing, my life has been ticking over quite nicely.  I'm over the horrible bug Big Toots passed on, and I've been doing my sessions at the gym with vim and vigour.  I've even broken out into spontaneous jogging on the treadmill, something I'd never have dreamed would ever happen!  Tomorrow is "dress shopping" day with the real Esme.  Not a wedding dress (definitely not!), but hopefully a size 12 kick-ass foxy dress to impress a certain lovely bloke.  Said lovely bloke gets home tomorrow, after 2 weeks offshore, and I can't wait for my promised "world's longest cuddle". 

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