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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Once again...

...profuse apologies from a Part-Time Writer who appears to be getting more and more part-time!  All I can ask is your patience as I battle my way through depression brought about by the DWP and their decision to cut my benefits by more than half.

At the moment, my time is spent in two ways:

1. Curling up under the duvet in an attempt to spend no money on food or electricity.
2. On the computer; not writing but frantically searching for a job that meets my requirements for living a happy life, and not one where I'm contemplating cutting my wrists with the food processor blades.

Saying that, I did work out a brief outline for the next four or five chapters of Agoraphobics Anonymous and I started work on the next chapter yesterday (whilst simultaneously praying for my car to pass its MOT - it didn't, but thankfully it was only £90.85 in total to get the MOT and repairs necessary). Because the group follows the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (indeed, any Anonymous group), I'm writing a few chapters based on Step 2 - finding a Higher Power to believe in. David and Angie are pairing up to discuss their own particual beliefs and finding they enjoy each others virtual company (even though they have vastly different Higher Powers to look up to).  Poor old Ryan is sitting nearby, feigning interest in his book, while Angie ignores him in favour of her new friend. 

Coming up soon is a neat little idea I discovered in my research: The Panic Pizza. Great idea, but poor old Ryan's going to walk away from the evening feeling rather sad.

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