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Friday, 6 July 2012

The wheels are churning....

...ever so slowly, Agoraphobics Anonymous is pulling itself out of the bog of "what the hell do I write now" and into the land of "Ping! That's a good idea".

I haven't even been able to call myself a part-time writer these past few weeks, I've been so busy with getting on with the other bits of my life. Blame Lovely Boyfriend for one. The school holidays for another. Me being stuck about what to write for three. Benefits issues, mediation appointments and general all-round slowness of ex-hub to do ANYTHING I ask him too.....sigh.....but progress is slowly getting made.

But it's no wonder that some days I just want to hide under the duvet and wait for the sun to go down...not that I've been able to see much sunlight through the persistent grey clouds! Apart from the one day last week, where Lovely Boyfriend and I took a picnic into a stone circle, spent an hour lazing in the only sun we'd seen for weeks, and ended up looking like a set of red, stripey bookends where the sun had burnt our faces around our glasses....oh deary, deary me.

However, today I made the supreme effort to: a) get out of bed at a reasonable time; b) do all the housework/chores I've been ignoring for the past week; and c) WRITE something. ANYTHING. And the result is seven hours of computer time reviewing, tweaking, re-writing, and newly writing to bring the chapter total to 19. Something like 27000 words now exist where, a year ago, there was nothing but a vague idea for a title and two characters. I hope to get a bit more finished tomorrow before I'm invaded by Big and Little Tootsies. They've spent a week with their Dad and assorted Grandparents, hopefully not getting too flooded out.....I'm sure I'll hear all about it tomorrow!

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