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Monday, 15 October 2012

Countdown to NaNo....

...has started.

You may have noticed a new NaNoWriMo widget at the top of the blog. It does the same kind of thing as the other widget - show how much I've written - but this one should display a graph of each day's count. That's because I've signed up to the Master Class Skeleton Marathon being held by my local region - Scotland, Elsewhere. I MUST write a minimum of 1000 words each and every day of November, otherwise my name will go up on Anastasia's Wall of Shame....not something I'm keen to happen!

I know I completed NaNo last year, including the basic Skeleton Marathon. I wrote something every day of the month, but some days were 3000 words, some simply a single sentence. Now I HAVE to write the bare bones of a chapter each and every day.....eek!

I haven't been writing today; I'm waiting on a phone call from Lovely Boyfriend to tell me he's ready to come round to Lovely Neighbour's flat and lay some carpet for her. She's the reason I didn't get any writing done yesterday either - we have a tendency to get talking! But I hope to get back to Agoraphobics Anonymous tomorrow and throughout the week, possibly even taking my wee purple netbook round to Lovely Boyfriend's for the evening, in order to get that final 10-15,000 words finished! He'll have to get used to sitting writing of an evening anyway, seeing as he's also participating in NaNo. Good luck, darling xx

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