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Friday, 12 October 2012

Spring clean in autumn.....

....that's how the Twotsies and I have spent our afternoon. Well, we weren't going outside with the rain - it was BUCKETING down all morning! The river at the end of our street is a gushing, brown mess and I'm glad the new flood prevention works (which meant closing the road for about 8 weeks over the summer and another 10 days last week) are, well, working!

We couldn't go out for the last day of our Tattie Holiday's, but we took the opportunity to work our way through the various boxes, drawers and shelves of toys. We now have two big bags for charity and I'm confident there's now room for Christmas to happen!

I'm also getting the girls bunk beds and some new storage systems from Ikea; which means it'll be easier for them to amuse themselves when I'm busy writing. At the moment, most of their favourite toys are in stacked crates - which they can't access without Mummy....annoying when they decide they "need" Polly Pocket halfway through Chapter 27.

How's the writing going? Well, I've taken quite a few days off this week - a fun shopping trip (saw boots, bought boots, love my boots), Lovely Boyfriend returning home and Big Toots' birthday yesterday (7....where did the time go?!). But I've been thinking over the ending of Agoraphobics Anonymous carefully and know where I'm taking the next few chapters. Then I simply have to decide how the characters are going to pair up (if at all) and finish off with a "6 months later" epilogue. I'm really pleased with how I've dropped in little clues and tips for the reader, but don't be taken in! There are twists and turns aplenty, as always with my work. Twisted mind = twisted fiction!

As for NaNoWriMo, I'm back with my Moving Meditation idea and I'll just have to see where it goes come November. I have a vague idea for each character, and I'm hoping they'll start talking to me once they're down on paper. Then I can let them lead me where they will to that all important 50,000 word target. I'm glad I've had October as a warm-up; I've managed 22,000 words in just over 2 weeks. And I didn't have a clue where the story was going's hoping November goes as well!

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