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Friday, 22 February 2013

It's getting drafty....

...the third draft of Agoraphobics Anonymous, to be precise!

Always, always print out a hard-copy of your manuscript! This is something I learnt whilst working as a scientific proof reader and shouldn't have forgotten! Even if you're only changing the odd word here and there, print and read a final copy before declaring "The End". Here's why:

I slaved for weeks, turning Draft 1 into Draft 2. I was pleased with my progress and hoped to pass Draft 2 onto my beta-readers this week. Hah! I read a printed copy and immediately spotted areas still requiring development/expansion/cutting completely.

I think it's because I wrote this book completely off the cuff. I didn't know where I was going or who my characters were. I simply wrote one chapter a day, in the POV of ever-evolving characters. Now, after reading a paper copy straight through, and then by character, I can see where I developed them as I went. Now I have to go back and develop them right from the start! This time I have a chapter outline and it's really helping me cement Angela, David and Ryan.

However, all is not lost and I still want to have the final manuscript ready for submission in April. Then it will be all systems go on finishing the first draft of my 2012 NaNovel before tearing it to shreds and starting again!

PS: For those who follow me on Facebook, I've changed the title from Hospital Corners to The Lovingdell Series, to reflect the different books I'm working on.

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