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Thursday, 4 August 2011

From third to first....

No, I haven't won a competition.  Although I have won a free, limited edition, Harry Potter poster today.  Somewhere amongst the other 4999 pictures is my wee mug, pixelated for posterity. I think it's about an inch to the right of Harry's glasses. 

What I mean by "third to first" is this:

Yesterday I wrote a chapter.  It described Julie and Linda discussing Esme's handbag, which had just been handed in by the driver.  The piece was OK but it wasn't great, and it was nagging at me all evening.  I knew something just wasn't quite right.  There was a lot of dialogue for a start, and it felt clunky and contrived.

So, today I changed from writing in the third person (Julie sat down, pulling the bag towards her) to first person (I sat down, pulling the heavy bag towards me).  Suddenly it sounds a million times better.  It's more personal (obviously) and it breathes....the old chapter was definitely more like a zombie in a really bad movie, not quite alive and not quite dead. 

So - although it's taken me two days to write, I'm much happier with my 3000 word chapter and I'm in a much stronger position for moving onto "Midnight".  I also learnt what information is found on a bus pass....always handy to know.  Thank you to all my friends on Authonomy who helped me with that one! 

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