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Monday, 8 August 2011

I need more time...

I don't know where the last two days have gone!  I guess that's what happens when Big Toots and Little Tootsie arrive home from their holiday.  They had a great time and I can't say a big enough THANK YOU to Granny & Grandad for taking them.

I'm also up to two rehearsals a week for Bad Girls...we still have one song to learn, two numbers to choreograph and two other major dances to remember!  Scary biscuits....but we do have our costumes fitted.  We'll look fab, and I'm going to melt under numerous layers!

On the writing front, I've given Peggy a couple of days off as I'm writing a short story for a competition on Authonomy.  I wrote the first couple of paragraphs late one night last week...sometimes my best ideas strike when I'm all cosy in my bed and about to drift off in a medicated snore.  I end up grabbing the ever-present notebook and scribbling things down before they escape.  And I'm glad when I do it - because you can never quite recapture those first moments of inspiration.  If you try to remember exactly how you phrased something 8 hours previously, you're doomed to failure. 

So I'm working on a short piece (up to 2500 words - a walk in the park compard to an 80000 word novel!) entitled "When I died".  Very much black humour.  I don't expect to win, but I want to write the story anyway.

I hope to finish off Peggy's part in Hospital Corners by this time next week...but with two little girls to entertain, lines to learn, dances to remember, songs to sing, audition pieces to prepare for next week (for my other musicals group!)...oh, and housework etc...good job women can multi-task!  And speaking of which, here's a little line that went through my mind one day to leave you with a smile:

Modern multi-tasking for women is the ability to pee, while simultaneously tying your shoelaces and gargling with mouthwash.  Extra points if you can fit in a text message too...

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