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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wet Wednesday...

Well - I'm glad I took the time yesterday afternoon to cut the grass and pull some weeds, because it's been chucking it down today! 

I feel like I have so much on at the moment.  Having 2 rehearsals a week for Bad Girls is beginning to take its toll...and rehearsals/auditions start next week for my other group.  I have harmonies to learn, new routines to practise (if I can remember them!), plus lines and scenes to remember.  Thankfully I've bought a copy of the musical on DVD so I can watch it and run my lines and moves alongside a supporting cast.  That's my plan for this evening.

I'm also working on my short story, When I died, for a competition.  If I can get that out the way this afternoon, I'm free to continue with Hospital Corners.  I've been doing some research over the past few days on the inner workings of the NHS and their ability to dig up medical histories based on a name.  And it's good news - Dr B won't be able to find out anything about Esme unless she reads the diaries....excellent....

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