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Thursday, 1 September 2011

I only want to be with you....

I'm not just preparing for Bad Girls (opens in under two weeks now!) but for a weekend cabaret/dinner evening with my "other" musical society.  We had auditions a couple of weeks ago, and I discovered last night that I have a solo song plus various group sections to prepare for the end of October.  I've spent the morning editing Hospital Corners and listening to Dusty Springfield....I can only hope that lyrics haven't found their way into the manuscript.

I'm doing quite well on Authonomy, having worked my way up to 665 in the chart.  I've joined a couple of review groups and, so far, most people have commented favourably on the book.  At the moment I have 63 661 words written, so only another 30000 or so to go....I'm really hoping I can pull it out the bag and devise an ending that keeps everyone happy, doesn't sound too contrived, and doesn't just babble on excessively to meet the necessary wordcount! 

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