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Friday, 23 September 2011

New Trailer...

I'm still trying to get used to free evening, after show week.  So I spent last night with Windows Movie Maker and some generic Google images to put together a book trailer.  You can view the finished article on YouTube:

My word count has shot up in recent days, and now lingers somewhere around 77000.  I haven't had huge bursts of creativity - I've just found ways of bringing in sections I wrote earlier in the year while I played around with the main story.  Don't get me wrong though, around 3000 words are completely new!

Julie knows that Dr B has OCD and that Alex and Rosie were once an item.  She now grudgingly accepts that Alex maybe isn't quite so arrogant and that Dr B has a reason for being such a b*tch.  Alex has been granted a half hour nap, but he's about to wake up any minute humming Pennies from Heaven.  Dr B is about to confront Esme about her past.....things are going to start making sense!!!  And then Brian will turn up...

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