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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Waiting on the oven man...

My cooker is only a year old, but in the past two weeks I've lost the use of the oven and one of the rings...not very impressed!  I have the oven man coming to repair it sometime today.  Originally I was told between 8 and 6 (very helpful!) so, despite having the dress rehearsal last night and only getting to bed at midnight (more on that in a minute), I was up and dressed for 8 which is always a struggle for me with the after-effects of my medication.  Then the mannie phoned at half nine to say he'd be here between 12 and 2.  Cue a shower and a dash to the shop to buy something for tea and enough chocolate to get me through the afternoon.  With any luck he'll be finished by 3 and I can take a nap!

The show, Bad Girls the Musical, opens tonight:  St Laurence Hall, Laurencekirk, 7.30pm, Tickets £10/£8.50.  I had about 8 hours at rehearsals on Sunday, 5 on Monday and 6 last night.  When my computer told me it had 10% battery remaining this morning, I knew how it felt!  It WILL be a fantastic show - the set, lighting, sound FX etc are absolutely top notch (the photographs for front of house are absolutely stunning!) and the acting/singing/dancing ain't bad either.  A few glitches still with getting tables/chairs on and off, but we staggered through the dress rehearsal pretty well.  Just please don't say "break a leg" - one of our stage crew/prison officers nearly did just that on Monday night.  She tripped over a piece of the set and has an impressive lump on her ankle now.

With my BPD, I experience all emotions at maximum volume, whether I need to or not.  I know that I know my lines, the songs and the dances perfectly well.  I know I'm doing a good job (because the director hasn't shouted at me) but I still feel stressed to the max, which means I'm knackered with a capital K-N right now.

So - Hospital Corners is taking a back seat this week and I'm spending my time reading chick-lit and eating chocolate.  Don't worry though - Esme, Dr B, Julie and Alex are all simmering away on the back-burners of my imagination (unlike the back burners of my cooker!) and I'll probably spend a lot of time writing next week to make up for the anti-climax of the show finishing.

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