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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Squiggle-eyed New Year greetings..., I'm not hung-over from New Year partying, I'm editing a 300+ page manuscript and I need a break for 5 minutes.  I'm clearly out of practise - I could read reports and protocols all day long, once upon a time.  It'll come back to me, I'm sure.  And I'm loving it.

A fellow Authonomite has taken up my offer to review her MS and I'm loving the challenge.  It gives me something to fill my time whilst giving me a break from Hospital Corners for a few weeks.  That way, when I take another look at it, it'll be with fresher eyes (and ones attuned to editing).  My next edit of HC will involve splitting the book up by character and reading each one separately, making sure I capture a consistent voice and don't suddenly have them knowing something they shouldn't.  I'll be tigthening up the opening, with much thanks to another Authonomite for his clear and utterly brilliant advice.  It's nice when a published author and experienced editor tells you the right words are there, just not necessarily in the right order.  Well, after this editing for a friend, I'll be putting HC's words in order!

That's all for today.  Other than to say that the diet has started (slipped today as editing and chocolate go hand-in-hand - no thanks to my neighbour who dropped round a pile of unwanted Xmas chocolates!) and I had my first session back at the gym yesterday.  Back again tomorrow before lunch with a new friend.  And then picking up the Tootsie's from nursery and school and hoping they've got over the present-fuelled buzz of Xmas. 

Happy 2012 everyone.

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