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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Head: meet Brick Wall...

That's how I feel today!  I've spent all day researching stuff for my NaNo book and my head is spinning!

The tai chi stuff wasn't too bad and I found some extra information for some moves that has really helped me with my chapter outline.  However, researching divorce in England is driving me crazy!!!  Thank goodness things seem much easier in Scotland (and easier when everything is uncontested).

I've had to get my head around the basic proceedings of a divorce - what IS a decree nisi, for example.  I've managed to get all that information's what happens when the divorce, and ancillary relief, is contested that's got me all hot and bothered.  I need to know the exact procedure my MC, Anna, has to go through when her hubby, Charlie, divorces her for unreasonable behaviour...he tries to argue that she's impulsive with money and would spend anything he gave her; that she swindled his business out of a million pounds over the years of their marriage; that she signed over any rights to money from him; anything he can get away with.  Anna is determined to fight this all the way....but I'm getting bogged down in the financial horrors!  Form A, Form E etc. etc.

Ah'll be worth it when the book is written!

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