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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Pitch perfect...

Well, I cheated a bit yesterday and took the girls to their favourite soft-play centre.  They spent four hours running themselves ragged; I sat with my netbook and coffee and got some writing done.  Then, when the batteries died, I started trying to write a synopsis...I hate trying to write a synopsis! 

The best thing to come out of my day (other than two kids who slept like logs all night) were my revised pitches.  I had to agree with one comment, that what I promised in my pitches wasn't actually what the book was about.  So here are the new, improved versions.  I know they're improved because I had a positive comment about them!  Enjoy...

Short pitch (the sentence that gets put on the front cover, or at the very top of the back cover):

It's not mental's mental hell.

Long pitch (the blurb on the back cover):

They say one in four people will experience mental health difficulties in their lifetime. Over two thousand of these poor souls pass through the doors of Lovingdell General Hospital's Accident & Emergency Department every year.

Not all of them are patients...

Dr Blake tries to deal with every patient herself. She's a professional perfectionist...and a bit of a bitch.

Esme has cut herself. Nobody knows why, and she's certainly not telling.

Peggy plots of ways to escape the locked psychiatric ward. Plans generally include swallowing broken glass, slashing her wrists or hanging herself.

Elizabeth doesn't like being touched and she's covered in cuts and bruises she can't, or won't, explain. She's only six.

Follow the staff and patients of LGH through one day. One typical day...

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