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Monday, 12 December 2011

7 Chapters and counting...

Well, I'm keeping on with the editing of Hospital Corners and a mere 7 chapters will see me reach the end for the second time.  Being more active with the various Authonomy Crit groups has helped get my book circulating again, and there are some decent reader comments to take into consideration.  All in all, I'm still pleased with how well the book is going down and the comments are still overwhelmingly positive!  I still have a pesky red arrow though...currently at 286 and falling. 

Cabaret is this week and i'm giving up my one free night this week to go carol singing!  It's all in a good cause though - the combined churches of Montrose go around various sheltered housing complexes and provide some entertainment for a wee while.  I went last year and it was good fun and we don't have the snow stopping us this year!  I'm still preparing for drastic changes in temperature, however.  It gets to below 0 some nights, and the housing complexes are set to boiling (as Esme says about LGH). 

Cabaret - two rehearsals left and things are going OK.  That's a cautious OK as there's still a lot of work to get through.  We're not helped by the fact that half the cast has a cold (myself included) and it's hard to give the 110% our director is asking when you'd much rather be somewhere cosy with a cup of tea!

Anyway - I'm planning on editing more of Hospital Corners this afternoon, in between completing a work-related questionnaire for my benefits and waiting on Asda man. 

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