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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Can someone please turn off the wind?'s blowing a gale here in Scotland!  The slide has crashed into the flowerbed (first time it's succumbed to the wind) and there's a tree down at the end of the street.  Not fun.  I took Little Tootsie to the supermarket this afternoon to buy her shepherds outfit for the church Nativity and we nearly took off with the trolley! 

Apologies for not updating much recently - I'm swamped with preparations for a Christmas Cabaret (in exactly 1 week I will be a nervous wreck as I contemplate my first solo singing in over 10 years).  Tonight I have to stitch up some seams in a nifty flapper-esque dress for our Cell Block Tango number and attach some velcro patches to a white shirt for easy removal.  Our director has kindly given 5 of us about 30 seconds to change from white blouses, ties, hats and guns (it's a spoof James Bond number) to black tops....I'm apparently going to be wearing a wimple for my solo (Sister Act - Hail Holy Queen).  Nothing is simple when LAMS are involved! 

Where am I at with Hospital Corners?  Well - I've knuckled down to the editing over the past couple of days and I'm now up to Chapter 39.  I'm rather pleased with how things are progressing, and I've now read through to the end of the book for the first time since I wrote it in October.  I love it when I put down my own work and can say "Damn, that was good"! 

I'm making Julie into more of a chick-lit heroine than before - if she's not allowed to drool over Alex, then what's the point?!  I'd love to finish the first major edit for Christmas and then I'll take a break before reading it through again for character continuity and POV.  I'll probably end up starting that edit over the Christmas holidays....

Right - time to get busy with needle and thread before a night in front of the TV after 2 nights of rehearsals!  I've discovered Tesco's Mince Pie flavour crisps.  They shouldn't work, but they REALLY DO!

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