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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A day of rest....

...after a busy day yesterday.  Perhaps I was being overly ambitious - an hour of Zumba in the morning followed by an hour of dancing for Fame in the evening?  I'm very aware of some of my muscles today.....

Rehearsals are going well for Fame and the show is going to be a lot of fun.  A lot of hard work but very enjoyable.  There were quite a few grunts, snorts and giggles last night as we attempted a basic lift!  I must say it's nice to have an almost equal number of males and females for a change! 

How's Ag Anon going, I hear you ask (and if you weren't asking, well I must be hearing things!)?  Pretty well, although I've had to stop for a few days for more research.  I'm sitting at just over 14,000 words now, and it's all uploaded at
I already have 3 very positive comments and 4 backers (how many of them will be long-term remains to be seen!). 

Today I'm going to add in some emails between Tracey (the Ag Anon moderator) and Rhona (the psychiatrist who devised the programme).  If you've read Hospital Corners, you'll remember Rhona.  She was Esme's flatmate and friend during their nurses training, before training in psychiatry and counselling Stewart.  She was Dr B's mentor for a few years before retiring, and now she's helping out Tracey, a recovering alcoholic and agoraphobic.  She's also Ryan's Auntie R (although I should probably make mention that she's his Great-Aunt, seeing as she's in her mid to late 70s by this point!).

As for Hospital Corners - it's still doing the rejection rounds of agents.  I've had 6 definite rejections and can only presume that the remaining 9 agents are also going to say no.  In another 4 weeks I'll send off round 2 and see if that has any better luck.  It might help that I can now reference my latest book, to show I'm not planning on being a one-trick pony. 

So saying, I'd better get cracking!  And I've just realised that I made myself a cup of tea over an hour ago and it's still sitting in the kitchen.....

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