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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Still researching...

...although I'm starting to get a stronger idea of the shape of the work Angela and David will go through in their bid to overcome Agoraphobia.  The people in Bath weren't helpful in the end, but I've got a couple of books of my own which are providing some structure, and I've borrowed a copy of Alcoholics Anonymous "12 steps and Traditions" because I want Agoraphobics Anonymous to run on similar lines, but with a heaping of CBT and Exposure Therapy on the side.  Agoraphobics Anonymous really is the place for those people who have given up hope of ever living a reasonable life ever again. 

I'm hoping to have enough of a structure in place so I can get back to being creative and break that first 10,000 word barrier in the next week...but I'm struggling at the moment with my own mental health issues.  I'm in the middle of being "assessed" by the Department for Work and Pensions for my benefits and they may force me back into work....I'll tell you - researching Agoraphobia has kicked off even more of my own issues!  Under some of the criteria given in these self-help books, I'm bordering on it myself!  And I'm trying not to push myself into doing the exercises in the place of Angela and David - I've got enough to deal with with all my other "issues"!  So, I've had a few days feeling rather overwhelmed by the number of things I "could" be working on, and wondering how many I "should" be working on....combine that with a tight rehearsal schedule for my next show in September and there's one stressed out chocoholic at the moment (never good when Easter is just around the corner and the shops are full of cheap deals!). 

Never mind - I'm hoping things will settle down in the next week or so and I can start feeling happy with my life again.  Poor Lovely Boyfriend has had to put up with many tearful sessions while I try and explain that even though I'm getting depressed, I'm actually happy with things...honestly! 

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