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Friday, 27 April 2012

Fresh panic...

....according to a 20 minute interview with a nurse who didn't have any of my medical records and hadn't spoken to my psychiatrist OR psychologist, I'm fit for work.  The fact I go to the supermarket means I'm able to cope with unplanned changes....if anyone can work that one out, please let me know!  And, despite the fact Lovely Boyfriend had to drive me to the assessment centre, I'm able to go to unknown places on my own!  Grr.... 

Combined with some grumblings with ex-hubby, it's meant another week of not much writing.  However, I've now entered Agoraphobics Anonymous into Mayhem (a fun competition on Authonomy where something like 120 books battle it out to see which one gets the most votes).  I'd already entered Hospital Corners, but we were running short in a couple of groups and I volunteered Ag Anon to fill a slot.  SO - despite all the stress and worry I have about things out of my control, I'm going to spend my morning working on Ag Anon, because that IS within my control.  Oh...and sending my psychologist a very long, rambling, panicky text message asking for her help!

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