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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Panic over...

...the book, I mean.  I've finally worked my way through all of "When Panic Attacks" and now the fun begins!  I've typed up pages of notes about all the different techniques I think I might use in Ag Anon and I'm going to print them out then cut them up into the different exercises/discussions.  Then I'll be able to work out some sort of order for them to appear in....I can't have the anti-procrastination section if Angie hasn't been procrastinating over step 1 of her anxiety ladder; and she can't create an anxiety ladder if she hasn't first partaken of her panic pizza; and she can't do that until she' see what I mean? 

I find it utterly ironic, by the way, that the chapter I kept stopping at was the one covering procrastination! 

Anyway  - I'm hoping the toga scene will get written next week before Lovely Boyfriend gets home and I get all distracted through not seeing him for so long (2 weeks tomorrow - boo!)  Then I'll be taking much of the following week off as we're taking dog and caravan to Inverness for a few days - lovely.

Why a toga? Well, why not....

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