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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Research Central....

...that's how it feels at the moment as I plough through various self-help books and websites in my bid to put together "Agoraphobics Anonymous".  I've just emailed a place, based in Bath, who specialise in treating phobias and OCD, hoping they can help provide me with some starting materials for this all important workbook.  I can't afford to get anything wrong with it!  Even though I'll have a disclaimer to say that the advice is not from a medical professional and you should always seek proper, medical advice, I want it to be realistic and for some people to possibly benefit from it in a small way. 

The workbook will cause me more stress than the actual novel, I'm sure!  I'm nearly 8000 words in now, and finding Angela, Ryan and David's voices easier.  Sissy is still very much an unknown quantity, but her input will be minimal and mostly in the form of being "Moderator" of the online support sessions David and Angela "meet" and fall in love in (although I don't think David's aware of how much his sister is involved with the programme - he thinks she's just being a bossy big sister, forcing him to "attend"). 

Anyway - I'll have to quit my research there for the day, as I have my own medical issues to deal with.  I have to get to Dundee for a medical assessment for my benefits....thankfully, Lovely Boyfriend is on hand to drive me there and provide some much needed moral support.  At least I can use my anxiety and difficulties in the new book!

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