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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Count down to submission...

...6 days.

I promised myself that I'd start submitting Hospital Corners by the end of March.  Then I promised my psychologist that I'd start submitting earlier than that, in order to work on knocking my perfectionism on the head.  So I've made a pact with a fellow Authonomite and we will have submitted our manuscripts by the 20th March.  Start or spring and all that....eek!

I woke this morning feeling slightly depressed.  March is one of those months that brings me down for no discernable reason.  Maybe it's the changes in light that make it harder for me to get to sleep and then wake up?  I don't know, but I'm determined to work through it!  After an iffy start to the day, I downed 2 cups of strong tea and got to work on the book.  I'm happier with my synopsis (I'm now on version 7) and I've re-written the ending to better reflect what happens when someone realises they have BPD (based on my own experience, of course.  Everyone reacts differently but I'm assuming it's a similar thought process).  I'm a LOT happier and have drawn a line under the book.  Lovely Boyfriend has taken the 4th draft offshore with him to read and will point out any hitches as he finds them (mostly apostrophes and other assorted punctuation that disrupts the flow)...but unless he points something out, I'm going to leave it.  The book is not 110%, as I'd prefer, but it's 90+% and more than suitable for submitting. 

So - this afternoon will be spent waiting on Asda mannie and working my way through the websites of agents listed in the W&A Yearbook.  They all have different submission guidelines so it's important to check their specific wants!  Some want a one page synopsis, others an "outline".  Some want a full page biography, others a single short paragraph.  Some will only accept paper submissions, others email.  Hopefully 6 days will be enough time to research them all!

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