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Monday, 19 March 2012

I need a theme song....

...OK, maybe not a theme song, but an idea of "theme" and what mine is.

BPD can make life really frustrating.  I'd never be any good in a book group because I never read books with a view to interpreting the subtext.  I read for enjoyment.  I read for a good story, for characters I can empathise with.  To me, Animal Farm will always be a nice little story about animals taking over a farm.  S*d the Russian Revolution!

I think I only passed English exams because we spent hours dissecting themes and subplots/subtext etc as a class.  I.e. the teacher told us what it was about and then we wrote down what he said. 

Now I'm struggling to articulate what my themes are for Hospital Corners.  Deep down, I know they're there and roughly what they are, but getting them written down in plain English...bah!  I've asked for help from my Authonomy buddies, and will let you know if I ever get beyond the following:

1.  It's not mental's mental hell.
2. Don't judge people by their outward appearance.
3. Sometimes things are simpler than they first appear; sometimes they're more complicated.  Sometimes they're both at the same time.

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