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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

We have lift off...

...Agoraphobics Anonymous has made it from brain to paper.  Well, the first chapter and a bit anyway.  It's amazing how my brain has suddenly kicked into writing mode again!  And the characters are already leading me down some completely unexpected but exciting paths.

Angela - the lead female is seriously agoraphobic.  She lives within 32 square feet of her house, too terrified to even sleep in her bedroom for the memories.  Something happened to her when she was 19, something that kick-started her agoraphobia...

Ryan - the long-suffering postie.  He'll be key to Angela's recovery.

David - the male lead who's agoraphobic, but not to such a great extent as Angela.  He can go out of the house with his sister.  Surprisingly, he's just turned into a recovering drug addict.

Sissy - David's big sis, and a nurse. 

Them's the main cast.  Like Hospital Corners, the story will alternate between the different POV's as Angie and Dave struggle to overcome their conditions in order to meet in person, after falling in love over the internet. 

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