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Thursday, 15 March 2012

To joke or not to joke...

...that is the question I'm facing today.

Query/covering wouldn't think it would be hard to say "I'm looking for an agent for my book.  Any chance you might be interested in taking me on?", but oh boy....

After spending days going through QueryShark for ideas, I then read my W&A Yearbook and some more UK-based stuff and realised that the Americans do it totally differently (and it sounds a lot more fun!).  We have to be business-like over here....a simple statement saying here's my book, here's me.  I tried to stay all professional but it just sounded plain boring!  So I snuck in some humour...just a little bit to reflect my personality.  Then I snuck in a bit more and then I snuck it back out again.  Where do I draw the line?  I think I've picked the right amount...I hope so anyway. 

My OCD tendencies are having a ball today, as I work my way through the first 15 agencies on my list, preparing separate Word files for each with their specific requirements set up, all pages numbered in their sections, all ready to go....Little Tootsie helped me pick out some nice big, strong envelopes for the rejections to come back in :-)  If they send the pages back, I'm hoping they might have left some useful markings/scribblings for me to decipher and incorporate into further submissions!

On with the organising...I plan to post/email the first 3 tomorrow!  Apologies to anyone in Brechin who might want to buy chocolate; most of it appears to have made its way to my living room.

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