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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Nearly 5000 words...

...of the new book are written and I'm loving these new characters!  Four completely different personalities, all linked together in some obvious and not so obvious ways.  I've even managed to link in a character from Hospital Corners.  Not one of the main ones, but Rhona Ellingham, Esme's friend and flatmate and, eventually, Suzannah Bailey's confidant.  Yes, somehow the new book is also set in and around Bath and Bristol and I'm having great run reading aloud the sections in my best attempt at a West Country twang!  Thankfully I can manage a reasonably decent one, from emulating my lovely grandparents!

How's Hospital Corners faring in the big, bad world?  Well, I've had to email acknowledgements of receipt and nothing else.  I know it's only been a week since I sent off the first batch of submissions, but at least I've not had manuscripts returned by first available post!  It's a long waiting game now - one to two months of silence will mean I break out the W&A Yearbook and try again, with hopefully a stronger covering letter and synopsis. 

In my personal life, I'm rehearsing for Les Miserable at my old school (back-room back-up chorus!) and we've now settled on a show for LAMS - Fame!  Workshop/auditions are on Sunday so I'm off to the lovely land of YouTube to find the song and lyrics to prepare!

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